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[04 Nov 2009|10:01am]
so, last time i wrote in this thing, it was just me complaining about all the shit i have due, and while this isnt totally out of character for me, i guess there is more going on than all of said shit.

so what's been going on with me lately? not much.

i could put my life into a numbered list. so that provides some feint sense of organization to what is a dreadfully unorganized existence.

1. school is going so so so so well. I'm kicking ass and taking names in all of my classes. and im really very shocked about it. im rocking the head off of evolutionary anthropology and both of my history classes. and should end up with an a or a b in my contemporary lit class and my FUCKING SPANISH CLASS. I've done a lot of things this semester that i never thought i would do. I've written two twenty page papers and am currently working on a third. I've been published in two history journals. I presented my work on Spanish Convents in Colonial Mexico City (Appropriately titled "Sects in the City") to this huge conference in Atlanta. I get to work with one of my professors researching her book, and she wants me to help write/edit parts too. What can i say? mexican post offices are kind of my thing. I don't know. It's kind of cool I guess. It's nice to know that I'm good at something. When I was narrowing down all of the majors that i could do. I was left with history. And i was like hell i love history. But will i be able to DO it? will i be able to write the massive amounts of papers that are required of me and do it well? When i turned in my first paper on coal miners in northern england, and i got it back with a big fat A on it, and a "submit to x journal and x journal and x journal" it was like a confirmation about my future. or some shit like that :).

2. That's not to say the massive amounts of work makes my head spin, and its not really all the writing that has me going (that comes along in bits and pieces), its all the reading. this week alone ive read 3 books so far, AND ITS ONLY WEDNESDAY. That kind of pace has been kept up for most of the semester, reading 4-5 books a week and then having tests/class discussions/have to include them in my papers on them. I get out of class at 6 every day. and pretty much from 6-11 im reading non-stop. shit's bananas.

3. Im also in the boat to graduate next year. WHAT SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME. so im double majoring in education to keep me around for another year or so.

4. i DO have some sort of social life. Lauren and Jason have both come down to visit me this year. which is swell. I'm seeing a boy right now, which is also swell. his name is Aaron. He's graduating this winter though, so that's kind of upsetting, but we'll see where it goes from there. Football/band has been consuming my life. We're leading the coastal devision of the ACC, and if we win our next three games we get to go to tampa! This weekend is going to be the best football game ive been to since coming here. A night game against FSU at home. They're our rivals in the conference and a night game in death valley is quite the force to be reckoned with.

5. i miss people from home. immensely. I frequently think about morgs, and how she's got SO MUCH SHIT TO DO. and i think about kenny, and how i never talk to him when i should. and john and his Asian friends :) etc etc.

well that's my life. it varies from day to day. its just me and my two fish living life. and getting published.
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oh lawdy. [05 Apr 2009|09:51pm]
time for me to whine. i have so much shit to do in the next three weeks before exams. I literally get sick to my stomach when i look at my calender. and for my sanity how about a list!

spanish comp final draft
spanish interview
spanish presentation
Spanish Test
Stats Test
Anthropology paper
Anthropology Test
History Paper
History Test
Stats Paper
English MultiModal project
English Final Paper
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[13 Feb 2009|10:02pm]
so...i've got a boy now.

this pleases me.
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[22 Jan 2009|02:08pm]
mostly im doing this because i need to see all the shit i have to do over the weekend.

-tonight i need to do my one spanish assignment. this means getting taylors computer. curse myspanishlab and not working with safari.
-tomorrow morning i need to print out my stats notes before class
-print out and do stats assignment for monday.
-read chapter 6 for anthro
-take chapter 6 quiz for anthro
-read that story out of the english book
-write rough draft of visual rhetoric essay
-read about the greeks for history
-read greek pomes for history
-start and finish eurpidies book by thursday.
-see dr. kaup to get out of chemistry
-see dr carney to talk about what i will specialize in with history
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[08 Jan 2009|05:49pm]
here's to the start of second semester.

classes are easy.
english professor is a radiohead loving babe.
stats professor is a latina hottie that will be kenny's
spanish professor is a totally dummy. she bumped me up 4 levels and now im in 202. thankgod.
anthropology professor is pretty cool. the class is amazing.
history is love.

this semester better go by fast or im going to be mad.

rearranged the room. it is SO fly.
now john needs to come visit again so he can sleep on the futon!
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[24 Dec 2008|05:22pm]
dear santa,
i have been exceptionally good this year. please bring me a number 6 jacoby ford jersey in purple.

with all my love,
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[10 Dec 2008|10:19am]
here's to an end of my first semester of college.

it's been pretty badass.
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how did they get that pretty little face on a pretty little frame girl? [18 Nov 2008|10:04pm]
so this weekend was amazing!

on thursday john and my parents were due to arrive very very very late. and i had to go to the lake house to get the key and stuff so they could get in. i enlisted kathryn to assist me in this task and long story short we locked ourselves out of the damn house. we tried calling various people including our advisor, casey berkshire...who we now know is unavailable from 7 to 9 on thursdays...wilshire has doggy classes and we called dan gabrial. this was a good call on my part. as he was able to break us into the house no problem. we then bought dan dinner and ended up picking up his roommate jeff and watching back to the future at the lake house. john and my folks got there around 12 and kathryn and i stayed up till like...5 talking to john.

on friday i had class and the day was spent with kathryn and john. the lake that the lake house is on is so dried up kathryn john and i decided to go walking in the lake bed. it was very muddy. and i got stuck. john and i then went to band practice and he helped clean the truck. haha. that night we watched a lot of it's always sunny and went to bed again...very late.

saturday was exciting because john went to his first football game. he really really liked it i think. and it helped that he got to watch the whole thing from the sideline. We then went back to the lake house and took a nap and kathryn came over. we cooked dinner. mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and jello. "please say jello" and john and i pretty much had a battle royal in the kitchen. i kicked his ass. he'd tell you other wise. we then all decided to sleep in the double bed. it was rare. john and i spooned haha.

sunday was a sleep in day. we woke up went to waffle house and then john and i came back to my room to do math homework. mom then took us out to dinner. and we stayed up late watching the departed and talking. we had another battle and spooned again.

monday they left and now im sad :(

today i did nothing except go to math class and watch movies.
thursday is hockey game?
friday is grammas for the weekend
i come back to school on sunday and then back to grammas tuesday for thanksgiving
everyone arrives on wednesday for thanksgiving.
and THEN back to clemson for the carolina game!
and then the hardest two weeks of my life because break will be coming up and i get to see morgs and kenny.

okay that's all. people probably dont care about any of this. but i do!
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f.l.o.r.d.i.a s.t.a.t.e florida state florida state florida state WOO [11 Nov 2008|10:49am]
[ mood | anxious ]

yes. i do have florida state's fight song stuck in my head. very rare i know.
well school has been going well and john is coming to see me on friday so i think this calls for an update.
grant is also coming. this is very rare.

john is getting here on friday, and he will have to sit through various band activities, but on saturday he's going to the football game. and this is cool because he's never been to a football game. well like a legit football game. saturday night kathryn and me and him are cooking dinner and we are going to chill at the lake house with my parents and on sunday i really want to take him to Caesars head, my favorite place in the world, and to some waterfalls in NC. but it should be a very sweet weekend.

the next few weekends/weeks are going to be packed with shit to do and im excited to get it over with because then i get to go home for christmas. i miss morgan. :( i miss her real bad. i miss kenny too. but i miss morgan most.

this weekend john comes as i said. and then the next weekend im going to UVA for the football game. then the next weekend is thanksgiving/carolina football game. it's all very sweet.

ive switched my major to history with a minor in anthropology. i want to be an archaeologist. people make fun of me for this. aka my mom and dad. but ive thought a lot about it and it's something i think i would really enjoy doing. i could do history, there's some analytical chemistry to it and i would be able to travel. i could pretty much get a job at any ivy league school and teach and and travel and be awesome. my parents are not happy about this. they think i will have no future. i got into a heated argument with them last night about it. and i told them that history is the only thing i can do. and if they can find me something else that i could do at this school then let me know. otherwise history seems to be the best bet.

OH WELLZ. today ive got to write my lab report. i hear it's shorter than my last two...this one should only be 10 pages...as opposed to the 20 pages i had to write previously. ive also got to help kathryn with hers and go shopping for clemson apparel for john. good thing it's 11 AM and i am finished with my classes and still have time to nap!

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[17 Oct 2008|03:23pm]
well im no longer a chemistry major. this is exciting. and im relieved that i dont have the dark cloud of physics and math hanging over my head anymore. i love chemistry but my hate for physics drastically out weighs that.

so next semester im doing liberal arts classes all the way! im excited. and by the end of this coming semester i'll know if i want to do law school or med school.

so what am i taking you might ask?
oh well i'll tell you.

English 103....this is going to be very easy. essentially my high school class.
Spanish 102...this is good. continuation of elementary spanish say what!
Geography 101 required for all history majors :)
History 172 pre feudalism european history! so excited!
Math Science 106....calculus keeping ...the med school dream alive.

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[06 Sep 2008|10:03am]
here's to my first ever clemson home game.

go tigers!
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[21 Aug 2008|01:16am]
well college....

you're not going to be easy.
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[03 Aug 2008|10:13am]
Which of your friends...

has blonde hair: louise, lauren, emily?ish, francescas real color. heather

has brown hair: morgan, reilly, jake, john, kenny. life
has red hair: ben, kathryn, sarah
has some other color hair: jakie and kaley!
has blue eyes: i really just dont pay attention to eyes
has green eyes: see above
has hazel eyes: above
has brown eyes: aboooove
has a big nose: im going to go with francesca on this one. but only because she wouldnt be the same without the singnature budeseim nose
has a small nose: um....morgan?
has freckles: Jossy, kathryn
has curly hair: john.
has wavy hair: reilly and francesca but they both straighten theirs, kenny, sarah
has straight hair: morgan...
has dimples: ben

which of your friends...

is the sweetest: emily

is the funniest: we are all pretty funny.but im going to go with lauren
is the most outgoing: sarah
is the most annoying: heather.
is the weirdest: everyone says me.

is the smartest: morgan

is the dumbest: i dont like to be around dumb people...they make me mad
is the quietest: id say weezers
is the loudest: lauren
is the shyest: morgan?
is the kindest: emily
is the most honest: emily, morgan, john, kenny, francesca
is a liar: i really couldnt say
is the most trusthworthy: i trust them all

who is most likely to...

win the lottery: well me. my family already did....
become president: im going to go with heather.
sleep with the president: um...kenny
become a chef: john
become an actor: sarah
become a singer: none of us can sing
amount to nothing: no one!
loose all their money in the stock market: ha. killian
invent something: john

which of your friends is the one:

you laugh the hardest with: lauren. morgan. kenny.
you will never forget: i dont want to forget any of them.
you feel you can share anything with: heather, weeze, lauren
you're in love with: all of them
is in love with you: all of them?
you still feel awkward around? ha my old answer for this question was john moore. good thing he's one of my best friends....
you would do anything for: any of them
you've known the longest: francesca and lauren and kenny
you've just met: kathryn
you feel sorry for: kathryn. she has to room with me
you're jealous of: morgan. because she gets to work with my mom everyday. while im at school.
you don't really like: i like them all.
you want to set up: john. and all of them
you want revenge on: ...none of them?
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[25 Jul 2008|11:03am]
ive gotten in the habit of getting really angry when i have to go to public speaking everyday at 11:15.

what is the cause for this anger?

i can never finish the price is right.

welcome to college?
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[02 Jul 2008|07:07am]
well today is my first day of class for summer school.
this is pretty neat.
college life is swell. you can do whateva you want.
i havent really made friends with anyone in my group except for my room mate. shes the only one not obsessed with drinking. like myself.
needless to say we watch a lot of gilmore girls.

i also got my classes for the fall.
im literally only taking chemistry and math.
3 chemistry classes and two math.
this could be good. or bad.

more to come on my college career i guess.
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[28 Jun 2008|08:42am]
today marks the day that i leave for college.

im pretty excited. well really outrageously excited. real nervous. and a little scared.

but what do you expect?
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[19 Jun 2008|03:15pm]
so. im totally on my brand new macbook.
and im in love.
its taken some getting used to. but its pretty badass.

oh yeah. i also graduated today.
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[15 Jun 2008|04:38pm]
holy crap im bored.

and i dont even have kenny to keep me company.
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all the girls standing in line for the bathroom. [13 Jun 2008|09:38am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

how about a recap of the past few days. if not for anyone else but me.

wednesday = last day of high school ever. Im not so much sad that im finished with high school, but really nervous that im leaving for college super early. sometimes i just cry. my parents dont really understand why i do it. but it's just because i dont have two months to adjust to the thought of going, ive got 2 weeks. it's all just kind of overwhelming. but it's a problem im pretty happy to have. After school i hung out with lauren. we went to ross to get john's daisy duke shorts for his appearance in the woman-less beauty padgent. After we picked them up (he's a solid size five) we went to the pipe shop for him to try them on. After our trekk to lola's bakery lauren dropped me off witht tht intent of ther to go to the gym. So i called kelsey and she came over. and while we were sitting in my room, we thougth to ourselves "hey. why dont we hang out with john and kenny" so we called them, and funny thing. they were trying to call us. so we went to kenny's and played supermario smash brothers. Then Lauren came over. and then sarah came over. and then eric came over. and we all longboarded, burned things and mooned each other. then we went to the wings place (while john was doning the daisy duke shorts) then we went back to kenny's and everyone pretty much left except for kelsey john and i. 

Thursday = i slept in pretty late by my standards. till 10. and then i called emily. and we went for a bike ride (my ass is super sore from it too). and then we watched gilmore girls. and then i went to meet with rodney. and then i went over to emily's again. to watch waynes world with sarah. kenny and lauren. 

im going to miss it. 
im most sad about leaving kenny and emily. 
i have a feeling im going to have a rough time at summer school.

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[06 Jun 2008|02:44pm]
holy crap. is this thing on?

well graduation is just around the corner. and clemson is not to far behind. 
this is all very bitchin. 

and that's pretty much all ive got to say. 

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